Thank you for your interest in my campaign to represent the students, families, and schools in District G.

2014 update: This is my 2010 campaign website. It will stay up in case any voters would like to refer to it.  To visit my 2014 re-election campaign website, please click: ErinCranor2014.info. 

Please "pardon the dust" that resulted from inserting this update in this 2010 website. The rest of the site is still up - the navigation just "fell" to the bottom of the page when this update was inserted.  Just scroll down and you'll be able to get on in to the rest of this 2010 site.  

I want to earn your trust, and your vote.  I know that by working together as a community, we can make our schools great for all our children.

Everything we want for our families, everything we want Nevada to be, depends on educating our children.  I have a plan to do that well.  My plan is summarized in three words:

TEACHERS are the most important people parents count on to help educate our children.  We need to ensure that our children are taught by the best.  I will help make Clark County a great place to be a great teacher. 

TRANSPARENCY means opening up the workings of the school district to the public eye.  I will help redirect resources to our schools, where our children are.

TODAY is when change must happen for our children.  I will help eliminate bureaucracy that gets in the way of achieving safe, first-class schools for our children.  I will work hard from day one, for the future of our families and for the future of Nevada.

Teachers, Transparency, and Today  - these centers of positive change will result in schools we can count on for what we want for our children, our families, and Nevada.

We need our children to have great schools, because public education is vital to the success of our community, our state, our nation, and our world. 

Education is my passion, and you can count on me to work hard and engage our community in the issues that matter most for our children.

I will listen to the concerns and ideas of students, parents, teachers and other educators, and community members, and together we will engage in solutions and positive change.

I will always work hard to represent the best interests of you, your family, and our community.

I am experienced and qualified to help our schools succeed:


ü master of science degree

     emphases in developmental biology, pharmacokinetics

ü bachelor of science degree

     minor in chemistry


A Small Business Owner

ü  successful technical writer, grant writer, demographer and development consultant

ü  helping Boys & Girls Clubs and other non-profit organizations succeed since 1998


Involved and Experienced

ü  Nevada Legislative Oversight Committee for audit of the school district – past Chair

ü  Attendance Zone Advisory Commission (AZAC) – past Chair

ü  CORE Community Education Advisory Board – past President

ü  Nevada Department of Education Honor Code Work Group

ü  Tomiyasu Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association – past President

ü  Parent Engagement Forum – Chair

ü  Past experience as a teaching assistant at the college level 

ü  Past experience as a substitute teacher at the elementary level

ü  Mother of four students in our public schools right now: a son in elementary school, a daughter in middle school, and a son and daughter in high school.


I am the candidate who is best-prepared and most capable of actually accomplishing the changes we need to see now.


Teachers.  Transparency.  Today.  

Please vote CRANOR for District G Trustee.

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